We have more than 60 years of experience in the automotive industry and offer tailor made solutions relating to design and technology to the automotive industry. We have a client base in India and abroad comprising of automotive OEMs, Tier 1 Suppliers, Aftermarket component manufacturers and traders and international service providers.

We provide the following design solutions to the automotive industry:

- Reverse Engineering: We have the ability to reverse engineer and deliver parametric CAD models in Siemens NX, Solid Works and Solid Edge. We have 15 years experience in developing CAD models for Castings, Forgings, Sheet Metal Components, Frame and Tubular Structures as Weldments, Plastic Components and Machined Parts. We have the ability to handle large assemblies and have experience in reverse engineering complete vehicles.

- Quality Control & Inspection: As OEMS strive for better quality vehicles with fewer defects and pressure of optimisation to have a competent edge over its competitors, a lot is dependent on the quality of components they source from their suppliers. RASCO acts as a third party Quality & Inspection partner, providing detailed quality reports by the use of world's best FARO Arm. We provide CMM report along with full 3D colour coded report via 3D Laser Scanning. Most times tier 1 suppliers are required by OEMs to inspect a few samples from every batch of production. With the use of Laser Scanning with FARO Arm, there is no need to apply target markers or to spray the components in white colour, thereby preserving the samples. 

- Teardown & Benchmarking: With over 60 years experience in automotive components trade RASCO can provide a detailed insight into automotive industry by comparing its client's components to its competitors to gain strategic advantage. RASCO mainly engages in these assignments with OEMs with world renowned management consultancies with cost reduction and optimisation as the key study factor.

- Portable CMM, 3D Scanner & Software Implementation: We are official distributors and system integrators for portable CMMs, 3D Scanners and related software for Reverse Engineering & Quality Inspection. We represent world class brands like FARO, 3D Systems Geomagic and Polyga in India and have experience on implementing these systems as standalone and network installations in automotive OEMs, Aerospace OEMs and suppliers.

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