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Design to Value

Value Analysis & Value Engineering

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Our Methodology

In our 16 years of industry experience, across various sectors, we have helped our clients in saving more than GBP 100 Million. We perform complete product teardown, should cost analysis and do peer benchmarking to arrive at innovative cost saving ideas for our clients in their products.

We have helped our clients:


In increasing their profit margins between 350 - 900 basis points.

To emerge best in class for their products.

To get rid of obsolete features in their products and charge a premium for their unique features.

We are partners to top global management consultancies

We are experts in cost engineering for goods manufactured in India & China.

We have extensive working experience in the following sectors:




Consumer Electronics

Industrial Goods

Power Equipment

To request case studies related to Product Teardowns, Cost Engineering & Should Cost Analysis, Peer Benchmarking & Cost Saving Ideas call us on:

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