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Geomagic Software

Ultimate Solutions for 3D Scan Data


Geomagic Design-X

Ultimate Scan to CAD Reverse Engineering Software

The only parametric reverse engineering solution in the market. Trusted by OEMs around the world for Automotive, Aerospace & Defence, Power Equipment, Medical Equipment & Industrial Goods. The only solution to partner almost all major OEM Scanning & CMM equipment with built in plugins for seamless work flow.

Geomagic Control-X

Ultimate Quality, Inspection & CMM Probing Software

The only parametric quality & inspection software in the market. With automated report generation with 3D Scan vs CAD comparisons, linear, radial & angular dimensions checking, GD&T parameters checking & bespoke studies. The only software to have built in plugins for all major CMM and Scanners OEMs for seamless work flow.

We are the authorised sales agent & distributor for Geomagic software in India. We sell, train & support on Geomagic software. We sell and implement new licenses for software, undertake AMC maintenance renewal contracts and help in integrating Geomagic software with OEM 3D Scanners & CMMs.