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Product Teardown

Deconstructing a Product to Child Part Level - Technical Analysis

Product Teardown is a technical process of deconstructing a product to child part level and perform a technical analysis of each and every child part for its form and function. 

Product Teardown studies help in understanding the constituent Bill of Materials of a product with key information on mechanical properties, material of construction, method of construction and suppliers of child parts. These studies, if done for our client's products and/or their competitor products help in unlocking value which may yield in product optimisation, resulting in improvement of net profit margin for our clients.

These studies are the basis of Value Analysis & Value Engineering tasks.

We have industry experience in:

- FMCG & Personal Care Products

- FMEG & Consumer Electronics

- Automotive, Heavy Machinery & Equipment, Commercial & Agricultural Equipment

- Two Wheelers

- Consumer Packed Goods (Edible Items) - Packing Analysis