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Should Cost Studies/Clean Sheet Costing

Value Analysis

Technical Analysis to Determine what it should cost

to manufacture a part in a particular part of the world.

Engineering data retrieved from Product Teardown studies help in estimating the costs involved in production of a particular part.

These studies also help in understanding the distribution of value in a particular product. Once the distribution of value is obtained, then areas of high value can be looked for optimisation. This can be done by optimising mechanical design, substiuting construction materials or by negotiating better rates from vendors.


Should Cost Studies also help in determining the cost of production of various components in different parts of the world. These studies help manufacturing companies in deciding to move production of certain items from HCC (High Cost Countries) to LCC (Low Cost Countries).

Our services cater to Operations & Procurement teams of manufacturing companies.

We work very closely with global Management & Business Strategy Consultancies for their Cost Cutting Assignments.

We are experts in Should Cost Analysis for products manufactured in India & China

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