Product Teardown

Product Design Optimisation

Teardowns form a portion of our consultancy offering towards Product Design Optimisation for manufacturing organisations and large trading companies.

We offer insights to our clients' products by deconstructing their products to child part level. We organise child parts as sub-assemblies or functional groups to generate Bill of Materials (BoM). We analyse all child parts for weight, dimensions, method of construction and material of construction. We analyse SKU packing and wholesale packing and analyse fasteners and assembly techniques. We try to determine the vendors of child parts.

These insights educate our clients towards, item wise break up of the components in their products helping them optimise design of their components where they may be over engineered and help procurement teams of our clients to negotiate better prices with their vendors.

We work closely with partners of global management and strategy consultancies by helping them in their cases related to cost reduction for their clients.

We have experience in the following industries:

- Automotive

- Power Equipment

- Consumer Electronics

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